Post-Eclipse Hurricanes – Emotional Energy!

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Post-Eclipse Hurricanes – Emotional Energy!

When we experience an eclipse, what takes place individually and
collectively is that we join the male and female energies of the sun and moon,
which is equivalent to the moving energy of giving and receiving…

When this happens, it creates a neutrality and stillness, which allows
much more energy than normal to come up from the subconscious
mind… coming up to be nurtured and integrated into our lives.

This mostly equals some of the feelings that we have buried–our past hurts
and wounded feelings–coming up to be dealt with in our present lives.
These charged energies need a safe place to rise and be nurtured
by the wiser, conscious adult part of ourselves.

The CHALLENGE is that so much of the world has never been nurtured,
nor have they learned HOW to nurture themselves emotionally.
This leaves a lot of charged energy that comes up with no safe place to go…
particularly in a time of heightened movement, like with the impact of an eclipse.

The result is that we stir up tons of emotional energy in the collective accumulation
of all our emotional energies combined!
You might say this creates a storm of charged emotional energy that so often
has no safe place to be nurtured and calmed.

Well… we are now seeing that made manifest in a “perfect storm” with more water
and flooding than anything we have known…  (Water represents the emotional energy.)
And now not just a second hurricane on its way, but a potential of FOUR of them brewing!

As this second hurricane crosses into the United States,
let’s send out energy and prayers that each person is protected…
and that it all unfolds according to the highest good possible.

We all have personal challenges and sometimes we share collective challenges.
Sometimes this happens in my back yard or household, and sometimes it
happens in someone else’s backyard.

At various times we all need support… and we all need to take proactive steps
in the support of others, reminding one another that love and support is possible.

Choices such as these enhance the quality of our lives.

Sometimes it takes a bigger built up of energy and a greater crisis to
get our attention and inspire us to respond in these ways. That is the opportunity.

The eclipse that went across the US in August brought up lots of collective energy…
focused on a country that is already shaken up emotionally from the choices we have
set up for our collective lessons… such as in the choices being made by the government.

I think there is little doubt in anyone’s mind that this is a time of heightened feelings
and the emotional body is being stirred… on top of having had this recent eclipse
that accelerated the release of energies from the collective subconscious.

On an energetic level of souls, it is not random that we are now seeing the emotional
energies of wind and water reflected in these storms.

We each play a small part in the collective accumulation of energy and what is
being put out. We also have the POWER TO IMPACT the collective energy with our
love and proactive nurturing. First, it is important to nurture your own feelings…
which includes feelings that are triggered today and feelings that have been buried
from your past.

IF you do not feel that you have the tools to truly do that, you can find simple, clear
tools at my website course,

What is transpiring is challenging many people in huge ways, but what is taking place
is ultimately not good and not bad. It is simply the natural movement of energy that is
colored by what has built up and what is being put out into the world.

So let’s all raise our game… sending energy of love and healing, playing a proactive
part in the resonance of healing and peace… willing to also nurture our individual
feelings and then to support others to do the same

Let’s act in ways that support healing and peace… in how we treat one another.
Let’s learn how to talk and share, seeking to understand one another, so that we
can create deeper solutions in our lives that serve each one of us.

These are some of the opportunities of this time.

Sending love to you all.


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