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I am a self-mastery coach and bio-energetics therapist. For 25 years I have been sharing a unique process of self-awareness and self-empowerment with thousands of clients around the world.

In this welcome video I share briefly about the journey from “simply surviving to empowered and thriving” that is possible. When there is a foundation of Nine Nurturing Needs in our lives, so much more is possible!


RonbabyFrom the time I was a child, I have inherently believed that so much more is possible for each one of us than what I was witnessing around me. The desire to understand how to access that greater potential set me on a clear search for deeper answers and deeper truths. And I am thrilled to share that what I have discovered and have grown to experience far surpasses anything I initially imagined.

Studying with amazing teachers from around the world and learning to access a profound guidance and intuition from inside myself have allowed me to create a life of tremendous meaning, value and purpose. Wanting to pass on this amazing approach to life with others led to my eventually creating a metaphysical school of self-empowerment in New York City, where I have spent the last 25 years teaching and nurturing thousands of others into an awakening of much more of their true potential as well.

In addition, I have had the privilege to lead 15 worldwide meditation events from sacred sites around the globe–from within the pyramids of Egypt, the ancient temples of Tibet and the Incan sites of Peru since 1997. Millions of people have come together in a common intention of raising consciousness on our planet, so that we all might create lives that know the reality that MUCH MORE IS POSSIBLE!


I am presently working on two books, one called The Nine Nurturing Needs: Keys to Fulfillment and the other called A Map to Greatness: How to Awaken the Passionate Purpose of Your Soul.

The journey of writing and working with editors has already been wonderful and challenging. I will keep you posted on my blog as the journey unfolds.

I am grateful that you are here. No matter what your goals, it is so important that we learn to engage in mutual inspiration, becoming a clear support for one another, so that we become a proactive part of making a difference in our world. Thanks for sharing more of that journey with me.

Nobody can love another person – beyond the limits of their own comfort zone.”

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“Meta-physical” merely refers to that which lies beyond the density of the physical, 3rd dimension. Since we are beings with a soul, we are all multi-dimensional beings. Therefore, we all have much more potential when we learn how to focus on more than just our physical needs. The most direct way to enhance our awareness is to learn how to tap more of who we are on the INSIDE. This is where we hold our most authentic sense of Self.

My journey into metaphysical realms truly began to emerge in my 22-year friendship with the now-deceased Robert Baker. In 1990, Robert discovered he had a remarkable gift of channeling. Because of this, I had the opportunity to engage in two decades of profound conversation with Archangel Gabriel, receiving thousands of hours of education about our deeper potential and many ways that Life operates from beyond the physical 3rd dimension.

Gabriel provided the most remarkable Life education I could have  imagined, confirming that we all do indeed hold much more potential than most of us have known how to tap.

Gabriel spent many years teaching me how to awaken layers of this potential in my own life, and I have subsequently been teaching thousands of others to do the same.

By integrating this information into my life, some amazing gifts and abilities began to awaken, such as my own capacity to channel. However, it has been my enhanced capacity for connection and intimacy with others that means the most.

I share a great deal of channeled Gabriel information on one of my other sites called Children of Light, which I am happy to introduce to you as well. If you are interested in exploring more of your soul journey in this way, I hope you will visit ChildrenOfLight.com

Fulfillment is only possible when there is an intimate connection to yourself!” – RON BAKER

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